Above The Rest understands the importance of protecting what is important to you.

We hire our team based on these values and they become the core for managing each project. These values serve as our foundation to leave you better than we found you, and to bring order to the chaos of your property damage. The Above The Rest values ensure that we finish the project with the highest quality because that’s our responsibility.

our Passion

"At Above the Rest Construction LLC, we adhere to a code of values that run as deep as our Indiana roots. Our values are: Teamwork, Respect, Ownership, Positive Attitude, Integrity, and Compassion."


Our team makes sure to keep you in the now, working together with you we will figure out what works best!


Above The Rest has expectations that correspond with our name itself, We take your expectations and raise the fence!


When the project is completed we know that you will be just as satisfied as we are, choosing Above The Rest will have you worry free with a sturdy fence done right!